Pizza, Bitch.

Yo I moved to New York from the good ol’ Midwest

Why did I move? Cuz it’s the MOTHA FUCKIN’ BEST

Sure Ohio’s less expensive, more charming, and much greener

New York has more pollution and is Jewier and meaner

I’ll always love Ohio, Cleveland’s really fuckin’ great

But I gotsta say my mind is in an EMPIRE STATE

Bitch, I loves what Jay-Z and Alicia be dishin’

Even with their quite improper USE OF A PREPOSITION

I defend it to my family like, “People here aren’t rude!”

And plus, if nothing else, I love New York for the food

Cuz frankly I don’t need you to be all cute and nice

When I go into a pizza joint to feed my face a slice

But just the other night I had a pizza run go bad

I won’t mention where I was cuz STANTON PIZZA WOULD BE MAD

127 Stanton is the more precise address

We stopped in because my husband has male-onset PMS

So once a month I feed him all the food I have on hand

And I give him the remote to watch THE NOTEBOOK ON DEMAND

I know him so well that by the way he was behaving

I would gladly give in to his late-night pizza craving

So we walk into the joint and I can’t believe my eyes

So many fuckin’ beautiful fuckin’ PIZZA PIES

The pepperoni look delicious, they’re all juicy and big

But I’m all good and Jewey so I DO NOT EAT THE PIG

At the the time it seemed too girly to just get a slice of veggie

I was tired and sweaty with a HUGE SPANX WEDGIE

My husband decides that he thinks he’s gonna getta

Slice of the fresh lookin’ one THAT IS THEIR BRUSCHETTA

So the dude cuts a slice for my very handsome fella

And I think I’m leaning toward the one with fresh mozzarella

But he cuts my guys bruschetta and that shit looks good as hell

So I’m like, “Actually, I’m gonna please have one of those as well”

And the dude shoots me this sneer that’s sayin’, “Really? are you shitting me?”

And I laugh cuz he’s just playin’, right? He’s gotta be kidding me

So I’m all like, “Whoops, sorry!” still thinking that he’s toying


He was yellin’ pretty sternly which was givin’ me the shakes

Which resulted in my pouring all of the RED PEPPER FLAKES

So we ate our pizza quietly and left right at the end

We headed down the street and then we bumped into a friend

We all were early for a party right there on Stanton Street

She’s like, “You guys know somewhere close where I can grab a bite to eat?”

I tell her ’bout the pizza place and say the guy was vicious

But the more I talk about it, man, THAT PIZZA WAS DELICIOUS

So the three of us walk in and the guy’s about to plotz

This time I’d play it safe and simply order GARLIC KNOTS

Garlic knots are friendly! I love eatin’ ’em and smellin’ ’em

And then he yells at me again, “I HATE MAKIN’ ‘EM AND SELLIN’ ‘EM”

I have no clue what’s going on, I am really at a loss

And he mockingly turns to me as asks, “You want some sauce?”

BITCH, OF COURSE I WANT SAUCE! So I mutter, “Yes please”

But I wasn’t gonna push and ask for PARMESAN CHEESE

The next customer comes in that this dude’s about to serve

He says, “I hate it when people ask for sauce, WHAT NERVE”

I just cannot pick up on these social cues he’s handin’

I feel awkward and Aspergery like fuckin’ TEMPLE GRANDIN

I wanted to tell someone–like the pizza paparazzi


Bullying is bad, but I couldn’t let it fester

This was a pizza joint, bitch, not a school bus in Rochester

So I take a big deep breath and I try not to get mad

And those fuckin’ garlic knots were like, the best I’d ever had

I loved the pizza and the knots, every bite, I couldn’t help it

I wanted to go home and fucking FIVE STAR YELP IT

So I wrote a good review, I know, I couldn’t be much dorkier

Getting yelled at with great pizza, bitch, it don’t get much New Yorkier

And I left him a good tip and now attention has been paid

All in this concrete jungle, OF WHICH DREAMS ARE MADE


My Sweetie, Bitch.

Yo just last week was our anniversary

And marriage, let me say, is everything I’d hoped it’d be

We’re partners and lovers, a team and best friends

We watch The Bachelorette and fall asleep before it ENDS

These past four years have truly been nothing short of heaven

He does wake up before me cuz he has to work at seven

And every day I wake up knowing just what I’ll encounter

When I walk into the kitchen and I look upon the counter

Although he leaves so quietly and doesn’t make a racket


Ya see, we love our coffee maker, like I can’t even express-o

A morning ain’t a morning til this bitch has her Nespresso

He always makes his cappuccino from the comfort of our home

He knows just how to sweeten it and not disturb his FOAM

Two thirds of a Splenda, and he stirs in gingerly


He drinks his morning java and he cleans up the machine

He puts on that little stethoscope and flees the fuckin’ scene

So then I wake up about an hour or so later

And see some yellow on the counter next to the ‘frigerator

Believe it or not, he’s a doctor, not a trucker


The trash can’s right below, it don’t require you to think

(We Jews all keep our garbage cans underneath the sink)

Now my husband is real brilliant, this fact I must admit

He not only is a doctor, but does RESEARCH AND SHIT

If you have a question, you can bet he’ll have an answer

I bet him a B.J. that he’ll probably cure cancer

There is nary a disease that he cannot diagnose


This problem used to take place only in our house

Cuz who would clean your Splenda up other than your spouse?

But the other day we stopped to get an iced coffee or two

At this little shop by us that does a mean COLD BREW

I knew he wouldn’t do it there, so I just took sip

But I turned around and saw that he had left out JUST THE TIP

Just the TIP of the Splenda, yeah–word to your mom

Just the TIP? It’s a coffee shop–not the fuckin’ PROM

It’s like my smart sexy man has this crazy presumption

That the world needs to keep tabs on his Splenda consumption

He can’t believe he does this cuz he’s usually so neat

And he always says he’s sorry cuz he’s NAT-U-RALLY SWEET

And he goes to hold my hand, and I feel his wedding ring

In these past four years of marriage, bitch, I wouldn’t change a thing

He says he’ll try to change next time, but really I don’t care

Cuz that little yellow packet lets me know that he was there

We just went out for coffee at this little cafe

He said, “Don’t you even worry, I know what you’re gonna say”

“It’s our fifth year of marriage now, so Baby, let’s begin it”

And he walked right by the garbage and he threw his Splenda in it on itImageword.

Allergies, Bitch.

Yo you’re sneezy and itchy, and I’ll tell you all the reason

It’s that time of year, bitch, that’s right, IT’S ALLERGY SEASON

Now, I’m kinda an expert, cuz of course I get them too

Bitch, allergies are part of what it means to be a JEW

So I feel like it’s my duty just to lay you out some terms

‘Bout how yous gots to be responsible with your fuckin’ GERMS

I can’t tell you how often I be yellin’ BITCH PLEASE

When y’all don’t cover up when you motha fuckin’ SNEEZE

You should be prepared, it shouldn’t come as a surprise

Lee Goldberg’s AccuWeather forecast says when pollen levels RISE

Ever since the Civil War, both the Rebels and the Yankees

Took a break from slaves and killing to catch sneezes in their HANKIES

You bet drinking and schtuppin’ dont’ be stoppin Don Draper

From catchin’ his damn sexy snot in some TISSUE PAPER

We’ve got new guidelines now, bitch, you know what I mean

This ain’t the nineteen hundreds, this two thousand and THIRTEEN

So if you don’t have a kleenex, bitch, don’t act all naive

Simply sneeze in your elbow–yeah girl– in your UPPER SLEEVE

Gone are the days of sneezin’ in your fuckin’ hand

That’s how cholera spread throughout MANY A LAND

Yes, your nasty-ass cough could wipe out the whole nation

Either that or put a damper on my POST-PASSOVER VACATION

You bet the girl on the plane wasn’t havin’ much fun

When a dude coughed and gave her herpes simplex TYPE ONE

And I heard about a chick who sneezed and touched the subway bars

Then the whole fuckin N train got mother fuckin’ SARS

And another time a mom snotted on her kid’s strolla

And all them kids in playgroup ended up gettin’ EBOLA

You betta believe it, all these stories are true

And the way we stop the germs, bitch, it begins with YOU

So sneeze in your sleeve, and then wash your hands real well

And then marry a doctor, simply for the FREE PURELL

And now you know when you feel your nose itch

Take care of your germs, or else I will choke a bitch


Caffeine, Bitch.

Yo once in a while, I’ll do a focus group or two

Cuz I can’t say no to money, bitch, because I am a Jew

So of course I jumped right on it–didn’t even have to think

When I was offered 80 bucks to test an ENERGY DRINK

Now this seemed like a cinch, and I’ll tell you what I mean

Bitch, I may be small, but I can hold my damn CAFFEINE

If I don’t have my coffee I will really feel unstable

When it comes to espresso I’ll drink a bitch UNDER THE TABLE

So it seemed like I’d won the focus group lotto

And I went to test the drink (after my MORNING MACCHIATO)

All I had to do was taste the drink that I was dealt

And five hours later, report back on how I felt

Now they had warned against it, but I guess I forgot

We weren’t supposed to have caffeine pre-energy shot

I didn’t say a word (I didn’t want them to reject me)

Cuz how much was one coffee really gonna affect me?

They asked me how I felt and I smiled like a pro

Cuz that amount of caffeine puts me at my STATUS QUO

And so I said goodbye, with 80 dollars, feelin’ rich

Who can handle her caffeine? THAT’S RIGHT! THIS BITCH!

I start to head home and I’m feelin quite awake

When out of the blue, my whole body starts to SHAKE

I decide I need some sugar–I work out, I deserve it

I spot a shop with Jelly Bellys and I SELF-SERVE IT

So I grab a paper bag, I smile at the owner fellow

And I dig that candy shovel into TOASTED MARSHMALLOW

I pour them in my shaky bag, I try to keep decorum

But that bag is shakin’ louder than a GROGGER ON PURIM

I shove the beans into my mouth as I’m trekkin’ through bohemia

This ain’t from the caffeine, this shit’s HYPOGLYCEMIA

You give me caffeine, I’m no pussy, I can take it

I saw a bus and thought, “IF I RUN I’LL PROLLY MAKE IT!”

So I start to run real fast, I think I’m really gonna meet it

And then I think NO! I’m gonna MOTHA FUCKIN BEAT IT!

I’ve never run so fast, I was hardly even tryin’

I was soarin up 1st Avenue–Bitch, I was fuckin’ FLYIN’

I couldn’t believe just how fast that I was goins

Like a little white Jewish motha fuckin’ JESSE OWENS

The bus was fast approachin’ so I kicked it into thrust

I ran past a group of ghetto kids and shouted “EAT MY DUST!”

I watched the bus get closer–I was about to reach my goal!


I hit it with my head and made it ring for a bit

And those ghetto kids I passed were all like “AWWW SHITTT”

But I kept on my way–I didn’t even make a fuss

And wouldn’t ya know! I STILL MADE THE FUCKIN’ BUS!

So I call my Jewish mother (yeas, I gots me one of those)

And of course her first question is “DID YOU HIT YOUR NOSE?”

She seemed a bit upset when I said no and nixed it

And she whispered to my dad “Well, insurance could have fixed it”

So I got back home and reported how I felt

I was shakin’ like crazy and on my head I had a welt

And my mother was cryin for her Jewey-nosed daughter

From now on I should stick to drinkin’ lemon with hot water

For the money I made, I was not a pretty sight

I would NOT do that again (Well for 90 bucks I might)


Extramarital Ice Cream, Bitch.

Yo I love bein’ married, bitch, I love it quite a bit

He’s my best friend, my soulmate, and like, all of that shit

He’s honest and he’s loyal, our love is unsurpassed

He isn’t into threesomes (but NOT LIKE I’VE EVER ASKED)

We always stay faithful even when temptation lurks

But what’s wrong with harmless flirting if it gets this bitch some PERKS?

Sometimes I get free coffee from Amir at the bodega

If she’d let us win the lottery, I’d schtupp Yolanda Vega

But my favorite crush of all, I’d say far and above

Was my ice cream boyfriend, my COLD STONE LOVE

When my husband was in med school, bitch, we had to live apart

So I lived with my best gay, but I had a broken heart

So to make myself feel better while my husband was away

I’d be mackin’ on some ice cream at least ONCE OR TWICE A DAY

Lucky for me, when I needed a treat

A Cold Stone opened up–where?–RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET

And the kid behind the counter acted like he’d wanna bone me

And I rolled my eyes and said, “um..can’t you just cold stone me?”

And then he rang me up and I thought there was a miscount

But he winked at me and whispered, “Girl, you get my family discount”

And thus began our love affair, and it was like a dream

Bitch, the way to my heart is through FREE ICE CREAM

So I’d go back every day and simply make some flirty faces

And he’d smile through his acne and his SEXY CLEAR BRACES

And he’d say something weird like “Your left eye really twinkles”

And I’d say “Thanks” and ask for EXTRA RAINBOW SPRINKLES

And he’d go to ring me up and he’d be feelin like a balla

When he’d tell that I owed WHAT WHAT THREE DOLLA

(actual retail value was like, $177)

He knew me so well and knew I didn’t wanna spenda

Lotta money on my yogurt–well–that sweet cream made with SPLENDA

He knew just what I wanted, he just had a way of guessing

He’d even add some Oreos when I was PMSing

If they were running low on gummy bears, he’d always keep some hidden

So he could add them to mine, “OH MICHAEL, NO YOU DIDDUNN”

When my husband came to visit, I’d make him wait outside

I couldn’t let Michael see him, I didn’t wanna crush his pride

Plus if he came in, he would have blown my cover

And I just couldn’t do that to my COLD STONE LOVER

I never said goodbye when we moved uptown

I couldn’t bear to imagine those clear braces in a frown

There are lots of ice cream places in our new neighborhood

And all of them suffice, but sadly, none are quite as good

Jamal at TLC always treats me alright

And they double punch my card down at Tasti-D-Lite

And they all give me lots of sprinkles, cuz of course they all know me

But each time they do, I pour some out for my homie


Yoga, Bitch.

Yo, we bitches need ways to relax when we are STRESSED

Like I watch The Bachelor and eat popchips while undressed

Some of you may bite your nails or give a stress ball squeezes

Some may pray the stress away, Hail Maryin’ to Jesus

Some feel better when they run or walk or bike or jog

Some of us are passive and rap stress out in a BLOG

If I was still in college I’d get drunk and wear a toga

But since I’m all adult and shit, I thought I’d TRY SOME YOGA

Now, I am not real flexible, this I’ve always known

The doctor told my mom, “This bitch is ACCIDENT-PRONE!”

I trip on every sidewalk crack, fall in every hole

Just the other day I fuckin’ ran into a POLE

My best friend loves that Bikram shit, she sweats right through her bras

There’s a time for sweat and twisting, bitch–it’s called MENOPAUSE

She kept tellin’ me that yoga would free all this stress I got

So I put my Lululemon on and GAVE THAT SHIT a SHOT

So I walk into the studio, I set up on the floor

“Your first time?” the teacher says

How’d she know that?!?


The teacher dims the lights and we’re all ready to go

And I’m kinda gettin’ into it!  THANKS VINYASA FLOW!

I’m feelin’ pretty good!  And I’m posin’ like a child

And out of the blue, my stomach goes a little wild

‘Twas a quiet, peaceful moment, like that whole class was on mute

And before I knew what happened, I let out a big ol’ TOOT

I tried to play it off and quickly balanced on a block

But I looked around the room and these bitches were in SHOCK

I thought that yoga peeps were nice, with warm, forgiving hearts

But I guess that all just goes to shit the minute someone FARTS

I start to go in panic mode, my mind and thoughts are racing

And Im feelin’ like a dog that is fuckin’ DOWNWARD FACING

So I take a big deep yoga breath, and try to feel all Zen

And I get in chaturanga and I FUCKING FART AGAIN!

The girls all shoot me evil looks, they can’t believe my gaffe

There’s really nothing I could do, except of course, to laugh

So I try to hold my laughter in, but I kinda just cannot

So I do this mix of giggles, snorting, and a little SNOT

The bitch behind me shoots a look like, “How’d you find your way here?”

And I look up at the clock because I just can’t nama-stay here

Luckily the time was up, the class let out an OM

And I gather up my shit and I start to head hommmeee

I leave the yoga studio, laughing all the way

When I realize through my laughter that my stress had gone away

And I’m lookin’ on the bright side, maybe yoga’s kinda nice

I’m smiling and relaxed, and I ONLY FARTED TWICE

So I give my friend props, I guess yoga’s kinda neato

But next time that I go, I’ll skip the pre-yoga burrito


Nudity, Bitch.

YO I gots a problem to tell you about

It occurs at the gym when I finish working out

Now when I’m at the gym, kids, I follow the laws

I  put my shit in a locker and wear MULTIPLE bras

I handle myself with poise and with grace

And don’t scatter Lululemon ALL OVA the place

So after I’m done, I gots to go to my locker

And each time I do, son,  I am in for a SHOCKER

The NAKEDEST OLD LADY that you ever saw

Stands right there at my locker, no underwear, no bra

She gets right up there close to me, I know this will be trouble

Bitch, when you are nude you need a BIGGER SPACIAL BUBBLE

I gesture at a towel, suggesting she should try it

But she’s all, “Oh no thank you, dear,” she’d rather just AIR DRY IT

I need to get away, so I go get myself some tissues

And I think to myself, I’ve got major naked issues

Yeah, nudity’s always been a problem for me

It dates back to overnight camp at the CLEVELAND JCC

Of course we were in bunks, everything was done tribunally

Even when we showered, bitch, we just showered all communally

When I came home at the end, my was like, “What reeks?”

Cuz I didn’t take my swimsuit off for SIX ENTIRE WEEKS

We had to shower all together, so I wore it for protection

Yes instead of bein naked, bitch, I risked a YEAST INFECTION

So fast forward to this locker room, she’s naked, right? You got that

And each and every time this crazy bitch just wants to chat

We talk about the spinning class, complain about the weather

We end up spending 10 or 15 minutes there together

My eyes just dart around cuz I’m tryin not to stare

At her wrinkly old bosoms, just floppin in the air

She’s older than Miss Daisy was, when Morgan Freeman drove her

And the worst of it occurs when this bitch turns and bends right over

To compensate I cover up myself in twenty towels

Cuz she’s still there all naked and I’m staring up her bowels

So it’s more than just the nudity, and how this bitch displays it

It’s just that she has a welcome and she NAKED OVERSTAYS IT

So I gather my belongings cuz I gots to be escaping

And I notice that by 70, folks stop their LADYSCAPING

I go to walk away and I hang my head in sorrow

So the nudity is over, well, at least until tomorrow

I zip my jacket all the way, putting on my hood

And I just can’t help but think that that bitch looked real fuckin good

So I guess I’ll just get over it, although it may be yucky

If I look like her at 70, I’ll be real fuckin lucky

I got back to my apartment and I made myself some food

And I wrote this little rap, and I did it in the nude


Movie Date, Bitch.

I went on a date with my husband, yo

We wanted to stay in, but I told that fucker NO

We’re not staying home like a bunch of married suckers

There’s only one thing to do: MUPPET MOVIE MOTHA FUCKAS

So we set out on our date, and we’re lookin’ pretty posh

And we stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar cuz this bitch needs a NOSH

Five dollas for Twizzlers at the theatre is a curse

So I get my own shit and I STUFF IT IN MY PURSE

Dylan’s is real crowded–those sticky kids all verminy

But mama needs some CANDY CORN and gummy bears from Germany

I look over at my husband and I’m sure he’s getting randy

Watching me knock over kids to buy a pound of candy

We continue on our movie date, I can’t wait to begin it

My purse won’t even close because there’s SO MUCH CANDY IN IT

$12 for a ticket, bitch, that really is an oucher

But you can count on me to bring my LIVING SOCIAL VOUCHER

Going to the movies, bitch, can really make you broke

But $5 won’t keep me from a GIGANTIC DIET COKE

So we sit down to our movie date all ready to get jiggy

Cuz there ain’t nothing sexier than Kermie and Miss Piggy

This lady sitting next to me is talking on her phone

I wanna punch her face, but I just leave the bitch alone

If I wasn’t on this date I’d prob’ly poke her in the eye

When all of the sudden I hear a baby start to cry

I look to my left thinking someone must be joking

And I see a fucking baby, ok, now I’ll start eye pokin’

Now I really love babies, but this shit is uncanny

Either don’t come to the movies, or just get yoself a NANNY

Then I see a flash–I look up at the light fixtures,

But bitch, hold the phone, there’s a FELLA TAKIN PICTURES

He whispers “Smile! Say cheese!” and his daughter starts to squeal

And he starts flashin’ away–THIS SHIT CANNOT BE FO REAL

I grab my husband’s leg and I cough into my sleeve


Infants and flash photos, bitch now that should be illegal

‘Specially at films with Fozzie Bear and Jason Segel

Now, I’m a good moviegoer unlike all of these fools

I don’t add my own soundtrack, bitch, I all follow the rules

I was gonna say something, but I ain’t no complainer

I pitch in and throw my trash in the SPECIFIED CONTAINER

I walk out of the movie thinkin’ what a fuckin’ joke

(and I gots to stop and tinkle cuz of ALL THAT DIET COKE)

We start the long walk home and I gather up my pride

That’s what I get for seein’ movies on the UPPA EAST SOOIIDE

I’ll see the film again, and I’ll concentrate for real

(but now I gotsta wait for a LIVING SOClAL DEAL)

And for our next date, to avoid this same result

We’ll maybe see something that’s a little more adult

Perhaps we’ll see a porno, my husband’d prolly love it

I guess that would be funny–I’ll take a picture of it


Learn the Trade, Bitch.

Yo New York City is that kind of a town

With lots of places to go when you feel like gettin’ down

They’ve got lounges and bars and clubs with bottle service

But slutty girls and sparklers make me ITCHY and NERVOUS

The drinks there are expensive and the bathrooms always dirty

I prefer somewhere clean and much more Hawaiian shirty

So when I wanna hang with my bitches and hoes

I grab my canvas bags and I head to TRADER JOE’S

I walk in the door and I get the party started

There’s no bouncer, but a GREETER and he gets me SHOPPING CARTED

I get on my way and I tell my husband SEE YAS

Cuz mama’s gotta get some fuckin’ whole wheat tortillas

The guy stocking yogurt is kinda a putz

I’ll come back and get it later and I’ll stock up on some NUTS

Then this little Jew girl really thinks she’s seein’ Jesus

When I get to the wall of AFFORDABLE CHEESES

Then the snack food aisle makes all the bitches horny

I get peanut butter pretzels and all CRAZY KETTLE CORNEY

There’s shampoo for your hair, for your feet they’ve got pumice

But the real shiznit is that HORSERADISH HUMMUS

Yogurt! There you are! I will come and I will get you!

Don’t you DARE think for a second that I’d ever forget you

I get all the new items cuz I love me some change

Then get a dozen eggs WHAT WHAT FREE RANGE

The fun doesn’t stop even when I’m in line

A pound of dark chocolate for A DOLLAR NINETY-NINE

And so I wait my turn and I’m admiring my load

And they ring their little bells


We get up to the front and I jump and celebrate

And they wave the little flag and tell me LINE 28

We go to check out, the guy scans my chicken patty

And my husband rolls his eyes cuz this dude’s OVERLY CHATTY

He talks about each item and it kinda takes forever

But I don’t mind a bit, thank you, TRADER JOE’S TREVOR

The bill is so cheap and my husband is stoked

Bitch, I need a cigarette and I ain’t NEVA even smoked

So we got enough food to fill an auditorium

Bitch I’m never goin’ back to fuckin’ Food Emporium


Eggs, Bitch.

Yo very few things can make your lady feel finer

Than an all-inclusive breakfast at your favorite local diner

You’ll know you’re gettin lucky when you see her start to smile

When she reads, “Two Eggs” what what “ANY STYLE”

But before you even think of gettin into her legs,

You can learn a lot about a bitch from how she takes her eggs

If she wants them over hard, then she’s gonna be a bore

On the flip side, over easy means you’ve got yourself a whore

Scrambled chicks are crazy, I suggest you run and hide up

And she’s got daddy issues if she wants them sunny-side up

If your lady orders egg whites, for an extra buck or twoish

Then that bitch has high cholesterol, well that or she’s just Jewish

But the hottest girls of all, they don’t want Tiffany or Coach,

What really turns them on is when a MAN KNOWS HOW TO POACH

And what could make a Jew boy feel more sexually alive

Than to cook the eggs at home and save himself 4.95?

So as an early gift for Chanukah, to help you get your freak on

Here’s the step-by-step to get your egg poachin’ technique on

First thing you gots to do is put some water in a pot

Heat it just below a simmer, YOU DON’T WANT IT BOILIN’ HOT

I add a touch of vinegar, that’s up to some debates

But I really fuckin’ love it cuz that SHIT COAGULATES

You gently stir the water with a spatula or spoon

You make a lil’ whirlpool and your bitch will start to swoon

Then simply pour the egg into the center of the well

I crack that shit beforehand, I don’t want no bits of SHELL

3-4 minutes is the time that you should budget

Let it cook real nice until you’re just able to nudge it

Then you carefully remove it with a spoon that’s nice and slotted

(Girls get really horny when their arteries are clotted)

Drain it on a paper towel and then go ahead and serve it

And then go and get your nookie–you poached it, you deserve it

So next time you feel freaky, no need to flirt or beg

Just grab your favorite lady and then poach that bitch an egg


(poaching method adapted from Smitten Kitchen)