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Bitch Eatin’ Fish on the Bus

By now you know that I really can’t deal

When I get on the train and a bitch pulls out a meal

You’re just askin’ for your food to get gross and germy

When you eat in on a train that’s all MUCOUSY AND SPERMY

Since I rapped about it last I thought this problem would reverse

But on the contrary, bitch, it just GOT MUCH WORSE

Perhaps I wasn’t clear, and you didn’t realize

That when you’re on the bus my same philosophy applies

So I’m sittin’ on the bus about to send my mom a text

And you never will believe what HAPPENED TO ME NEXT

This crazy-ass bitch, yo I can’t even explain ‘er

Stepped on to the bus with a styrofoam container

She sat right next to me and my eyes opened wide

Cuz I knew I  wasn’t gonna like WHATEVER WAS INSIDE

She reached into a sack that I thought contained some pencils

But much to my dismay, she pulled out PLASTIC-ASS UTENSILS

And then the situation went from orange to red alert

When she took out a napkin and she TUCKED IT IN HER SHIRT

She opened up the box and in my pants I made a pish

YES, right there on the bus this bitch was eatin’ a FISH

Like The Sandlot kid dreamt of the Great Bambino

I was livin a nightmare, with a BUS BRANZINO

The bus quickly filled with its stanky aroma

A lady in the back fell into a coma

A smell like that just worsens and lingers

And she’s all smackin’ her lips and like, lickin’ her fingers

A guy in the front held his face with a rag

While the rest of the bus just started to gag

Babies were cryin’, ladies makin’ a fuss

That’s the shit we’s gots to deal with on the CROSSTOWN BUS

This bitch just kept on eatin’, like she didn’t even think

That this bus smelled worse than one in the STINK

I couldn’t even breathe, there was nowhere to hide

Somehow I had to get to the UPPA WEST SIIIIEED

I needed to get out so I pressed the exit taping

I gots to get a way from this FISH NOSE RAPING

So I got off the bus, and I regained my power

And I walked across town, and it took me an hour

Now, I know that you may think that I should quit my bitchin’

This is New York City, we ain’t got no eat-in kitchen

But eating on the bus, folks, is simply abhorous

Especially something that’s so smelly and porous

The MTA is dirty, the seats will give you crabs

So leave the food at home. I should start to take more cabs.


4 responses to “Bitch Eatin’ Fish on the Bus

  1. I am doctor remulak ⋅


  2. eyeLaugh ⋅

    awesome! that really is disgusting. and I thought coworkers eating fish in the break room was bad.

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  4. One day I’ll tell you about my Jitney ride with a nice Jamaican woman who ate fried chicken from 87th and 1st all the way to Hampton Bays.

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