Yo yo yo bitch, I’m sure that you’ve heard

That for Thanksgiving this year, you better get a KOSHER bird

Everybody knows this, even Jamie Foxx and Vivica

I’m sure by now you’ve heard it’s fuckin’ mother fuck THANKSGIVUKKAH READ MO, YO!

Thanksgiving, Bitch.

Yo I gots a secret I gotta reveal

I never told nobody this, I don’t know how they gonna feel

Let me first make clear, I don’t want any misgivings


I love that dang parade with that monkey made of sock

And I’ve got a thing for pilgrims, bitch, they MAKE MY PLYMOUTH ROCK

But the one thing that might leave you just  LITTLE BIT murky

BITCH I fuckin’ HATE fuckinmothafuckin’ TURKEY

Not not to get all Freudian, a rapper never should

But I think my turkey loathing dates back to my childhood

See my Jewish mother loved me quite a mothafuckin’ bunch

And to ensure I got my protein packed me turkey for lunch

At first I didn’t mind, I’d just unpack my lunch and chew it

But as Jewish mothers often do, mine tends to overdo it

The turkey grew and grew to make sure that I was fed

All the sudden that dang sandwich was as big as my damn head

I was just a little girl, did she really think I’d eat a

Fuckin’ half a pound of turkey stuffed into a MINI PITA?

Kids would watch me eat it every day for years and years

And I’d be all covered in turkey smell and mustard (and some tears)

I tried to tell my mother that the turkey was for rookies

Why couldn’t she be cool and pack me SNACKWELL FUCKIN’ COOKIES?

But I’d lug around that turkey really looking like a fool

And that’s the reason why I wasn’t popular in school (and this, and maybe this)

So when I sit down at Thanksgiving I say, “Mmmm this turkey’s GREAT!”

But little do they know I ain’t got NONE upon my plate

All throughout the years I’ve gotten really good at bluffing

So that nobody would know I eat ENTIRE PLATES OF STUFFING

I see that bowl of stuffing and my lil eyeball twinkles

It’s my second favorite food group, next, of course, to RAINBOW SPRINKLES

My favorite kind of stuffing? Now, that’s up to some debate

But I love so many kinds, so bitch, I DON’T DISCRIMINATE

I once had a cornbread kind thanks to that Al Roker fella

And I tasted chestnut stuffing, LOVE FREE SAMPLES, CITARELLA

But my favorite’s challah stuffing, bitch, that always is a hit

I’m telling you I’d take a bath ALL UP IN THAT SHIT

My mom-in-law’s is so good, may require 5-star Yelping


My guy and I, we love to eat, but today our tastes get clashy

He loves his Thanksgiving food real mothafuckin’ trashy

The whole rest of the year he loves the Michelin man

But he won’t eat cranberries that aren’t shaped just like the can

And he loves to fill his plate with that nasty greenish slop

He loves that green bean casserole FRENCH’S ONIONS ON THE TOP

But man, I’m thankful for him, and for my dad and brother

And I’m really fuckin’ thankful for my turkey lovin’ mother

Who always really cared ’bout the nutrition that I got

If you measured love in turkey, then she sure loves me a lot

So go and eat your dishes, I hope you do adore ’em

And eat them with your loved ones and tell them you’re thankful for ’em

And thanks to all of you who read my silly little words

Now I’ve gots to eat my stuffing–bitch, that turkey’s for the birds


Gobble Gobble, Bitch

Yo yo gobble gobble and break out that stuffin’

Cuz it’s time for Thanksgiving and BITCH, I ain’t bluffin’

So bake them pumpkin pies and go deep fry your geese

(Do we really need to wonder why America’s obese?)

So go to the store, cuz you’ll need a pair of  Spanx

And think of all the reasons that you have for sayin THANKS

As I sit down this year to my Thanksgiving turkey

I am thankful for the homeless guy who says my tits are perky

I give thanks to firefighters, they’re so big and brave and burly

I am thankful for my husband, he’s so Jewey AND SO CURLY

I am thankful for my mother, she’s so perfectly insane

I am thankful for the laughter brought to me by HERMAN CAIN

And I’m thankful for the memory of Governor Rick Perry

I am thankful for New York and and that my friends can finally marry

I am thankful for cheap manicures within a minute’s walk

And that they don’t speak no English so that I don’t have to talk

I give thanks to Lactaid milk for not giving me the runs

I give thanks to Roma Torre and to WEATHER on the ONES

I give thanks to kick-ass actors who stick it out as waiters

I am thankful that my neighbor never holds the elevators

(because I’m a feminist?…asshole)

I am thankful for Real Housewives, I love those crazy hoes

I give thanks to spicy hummus THAT I BUY FROM TRADER JOE’S

I am thankful when the Mexicans sing on my subway ride

I am thankful for huge salads with the dressing ON THE SIDE

I give thanks to gynocologists for givin me my paps

 I give thanks to every one of you who reads my silly raps

So go enjoy your families, don’t bicker, fight, or mock

And if you are not thankful you can suck a Plymouth cock.