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6 responses to “Jew Girl Rapper’s Best Announcement Ever

  1. Hayley and Larry Dubin ⋅

    Aly & Aaron-
    We are so HAPPY for you!!! Made our day!! Such great news!! Mazel Tov!!
    ❤️ Hayley & Larry

  2. Barb shane ⋅

    Fabulous news. Aly and Aaron! So happy for you! Can’t wait to meet princess sunshine .

  3. curt ⋅

    Mazol Tov! Wow, rap & breathing exercises, to say nothing of the actual delivery itself! You’ll nevah run out of material now!!!

  4. Shari & Steve ⋅

    Mazel Tov!! We are so happy for you & your families!!

  5. Steve (shulboy) Spector ⋅

    That was AWESOME

  6. Kathyalvie ⋅

    That was Fkn awesome!!!!!!!! Congrats!!

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