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Purim, Bitch.

If you see some Jews in costumes don’t scream, “Dear, they’re gonna rob us!”

It’s a Jewish holiday, and bitch, I don’t mean that it’s Shabbos

You may not know don’t know the story, ‘specially if you vote Santorum

So that’s why I am here today to tell y’all ’bout PURIM

The story all began with the ancient Persian King

Celebrating with his bros and simply doin’ his king thing

When he called upon his wife, the hottie Queen named Vashti

To parade around in front of them–ABSOLUTELY NASHTY

Ladies, am I right? She’s a queen and not a hoe

But shit got crazy awkward after my girl Vash said NO

So the king asked his advisors what they thought that he should do

(Achashverosh needs some help with a decision or two)

If they were Jew advisors then they would have fined and billed her

But Jewish guys they weren’t, and bitch, they MOTHA FUCKIN’ KILLED HER

So they’re all, “So that happened…moving on…end scene”

But Achashverosh be like, “Dudes, I GOTSTA FIND ANOTHER QUEEN”

There were just so many ladies, so like how they gonna pluck her?

So they did it in a contest, LIKE THE BACHELOR MOTHA FUCKER

So now lil’ Jewish Esther’s out there with her uncle Mo

Who thinks she could be Queen and he encouraged her to go

He told her not to say she’s Jewish, and the secret never leaked

(Thank G-d she was an orphan CUZ HER MOTHER WOULDA FREAKED)

And of all the many ladies from which Achashverosh chose

Little Jewish Esther got the FUCKING FINAL ROSE

Now he doesn’t know she’s Jewish here at this point now, however

This rose ceremony was the MOST DRAMATIC EVER

Mordechai, meanwhile, stayed real close nearby the palace

And warned Esther of an evil plot and saved the king from malice

His helpful advice really saved that king’s life

And the king is like, “Remind me to say thank you to him, WIFE”

Then the king made a bad move when he decided he’d be namin’

To the job of chief advisor this motherfucker HAMAN

This dude despised the Jews, he’d kill you if you had a bagel

(And gets approved more easily than former SENATOR CHUCK HAGEL)

Haman comes across our friend, or dear little Mordechai

And demanded he bow down, like he was pledging Sigma Chi

Mordechai’s like, “…no” and when Haman heard this news

He’s all, “Bitch I’m gonna kill you and kill ALL Y’ALL JEWS”

Haman told the king his plan and all his nasty visions

And the king is like, “Sounds good! Because I cannot make decisions!”

Haman builds Mo’s gallows where he plans to hang and yank him

King’s like, “That dude who saved me! I totes forgot to thank him!”

So the king asks his dude Haman, “Tell me, what’s a good reward?”

Haman’s like, “The nicest horse and robe that your ass can afford”

Haman thought it’d be for him, thinking he would do the riding

But as I said before, the king just NEEDED HELP DECIDING

At the banquet that night, Esther gave her big reveal

She told the king she was a Jew, sensibly, over a meal

He heard of Haman’s plan and so he sent him to be hanged

He gave Mordechai his prize, and he and Esther prolly banged

And now we read their story in our dear old Megillah

And we scream at Haman’s (AHHHHHHHH) name cuz he a CRAZY EYE KILLA

And we all dress up in costumes and sing some Purim tunes

And we Jews turned Haman’s (AHHHHHHHHH) hat into a COOKIE FILLED WITH PRUNES

And then you’re supposed to drink until you lose all of your clarity

And nosh that fuckin’ ‘taschen (prune ones help irregularity)

So put down that Sunday Times, you’ve had enough of the sequester

And molesters, and investors, and go hang out with Queen Esther

Y’all can dress as a queen–no matter if you’re straight or gay men

I go to my own drum and dress as Vashti or as Ham-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

And there you have it, PURIM! From your favorite rappin’ blogger

So now go and shake that thang (AND BY “THAT THANG” I MEAN YOUR GROGGER)


One response to “Purim, Bitch.

  1. I’m down with any holiday that involves a cookie. Or bread. Or wine. That’s why I love your people 🙂

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