Camping, Bitch.

Yo once upon a time I was young and in love

We was just like peas and carrots, just like OJ and his GLOVE

But oftentimes love just gets you stupid and naive

You agree to do some shit that you wouldn’t BELIEVE

So of course my little heart filled with joy and such elation

When my guy described what would be our “romantic vacation”

So although this bitch was bloated with full pre-menstrual cramping

I joyfully agreed to go mothafuckin CAMPING

Now, believe me when I tell you just how nice he made it sound

All alone in the wild without anyone around

He’s all, “Just pack up some bikinis and some shorts and a few tanks”

And I really kinda dug it–NO NEED FOR HEELS OR SPANX

So we packed up the car and drove to Canada’s border

Which took an hour to cross cuz we were stuck behind a HOARDER

Then out of the blue, it kinda started to drizzle

Then the skies opened up and that rain was off the HIZZLE

He was totally unfazed and all, “Don’t worry! It’ll pass!”

So we bought a box of wine (cuz the parks allow NO GLASS)

We pull up to the parking lot, the rain has yet to stop

And I smile with my sunscreen and my little white tank top

So we drive and buy some sweatshirts just to cover up my titties

(Jewish boobs fare better when they’re placed in major cities)

So we set off to our campsite, this entire time he knew

To get to our site took two hours by CANOE

So I tried to row my paddles, simply trying to be dutiful

Through the rain and thunder I screamed, “BABY THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!”

We finally reached land and I needed a massage

I thought we were all done, NU UH, we still had to PORTAGE

That didn’t sound so bad HA! actually instead

That means you go on a hike with the canoe on your dang HEAD

We finally get to the site, and I thought I’d get some tongue

But no, we had to search the site to check for BEAR DUNG

He decided that the site was gonna be just fine

So he went to pitch the tent and I drank the box of wine

There was nothing but rain for as far as we could see

This was nothing like “glamping” on REAL HOUSEWIVES OF OC

Those bitches had a cabin and each had her cell pho-en

And I ain’t under contract with Bravo’s Andy Co-hen

So I waited in the tent, soaking wet from head to toe

I hadn’t peed all day, I was TOO AFRAID TO GO

I knew how to do it, but it still was kinda divey

I was scared I’d wipe my chach with the wrong kind of BLUE IVY

So whereas I thought this trip would bring us sexual elation

Instead I was wet and drunk and faced with CAMPING CONSTIPATION

I heard a rustle and I screamed, I thought a bear had come to greet us

But instead it was my cold wet guy, he had made fajitas

We snuggled up and went to bed, too cold to get real frisky

I stayed awake and watched for bears–sleeping was TOO RISKY

So our camping night that should have been filled with such romance

Turned into one where every sound made me crap my pants

In the morning my guy hung a little hammock that he found

I jumped on in and flipped it and we both fell on the ground

And for a moment we were happy, though I may have been obtuse

Cuz as soon as we stood up I squealed, “HOLY FUCK! A MOOSE!”

“Just be quiet,” my guy said, “You don’t wanna scare him off”

But he was just a yard away so I took pictures with a scoff

Then it ran away, my guy sighed and made a tinkle

I guess a moose can kill a bitch, THANKS A LOT, BULLWINKLE

The rain looked like it’d come again, we thought we might as well

Gather all our shit and get our asses a hotel

So we packed up all our stuff, the tent and the canoe

And I pretended to paddle for an hour or two

I took a look around us, just the water and the green

It was the most gorgeous place that I ever had seen

The rain kept pelting down, thunder roaring from above

I looked back at my guy and thought, Fuck. I am in love.

So although I’d sooner go to yoga class to get my zen

When it comes camping, well, for him, I’d do it all again

Nearly moosed and hypothermic, but at least we were together

So, yeah, I’d try again, but I would check the fucking weather.


Hot Toys, Bitch.

Yo, every now and then my husband works the night shift

It gets lonely up in here, a girl could use a little lift

So what do ladies do when they’re left without their boys?

Bitches this is when you gotsta go and get yourself some TOYS

And my favorite toy of all is one handsome little devil

He is sleek and stainless steel and I call him my Breville

Yes, when I am all alone and I need a little lovin’

I ain’t gotta look much further than my fuckin’ TOASTER OVEN

Ladies, when you are in need of a little affection

Why not give yourself the added perk of cooking with CONVECTION?

I guess my Foreman will do when I need a grilling fix

I use my KitchenAid when I am just too lazy to mix

That immersion wand’s the shit when I’m whipping heavy cream

And I stay hydrated now, thanks to my SODA STREAM

But as I look my appliances and all of their utilities

The toaster oven always wins with its ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES

It does ANYTHING I WANT when I plug it in the socket

Bitch, if I swung that way it would make me a HOT POCKET

When you defrost things in the microwave, they’re chewy–IT’S UPSETTING

The toaster oven makes things perfectly–THANK YOU FROZEN SETTING

When food is gross and soggy, bitch, I really do abhor it

I’m so happy with my Breville- GLAD I REGISTERED FOR IT!

You can cook a small roast in there if you really wanna

That’s where I made my kugel–when?–ON FUCKIN’ ROSH HASHANAH!

And for all those sleepless nights when you’re sad and all alone

There’s a special pizza setting and a CUSTOM PIZZA STONE

If you have a chicken breast and a little olive oil

Just set it and forget it, LET THE BREVILLE DO THE BROIL

Keep your leftovers, it reheats them for you later

You can make a tiny brisket for a TINY PESACH SEDER

It has infinite potential just for you to uncork

Just ask Sonja Morgan–from Real Housewives of NEW YORK

It makes me tons of food and it stops when I say when

Yeah, I like my toaster ovens, bitch,  just like I like my men (Jewish)

So of course I miss my husband, cuz I do love him the most

I’ll think about him later, cuz now mama needs some TOAST