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Bitch Eatin’ Yogurt on the Train

Bitch eatin’ yogurt on the train

WHAT UP BITCH, are you insane?

I kept my mouth shut cuz I don’t like bein’ rude

But the MTA is not the place to EAT YO OPEN FOOD

Now I love eatin’ yogurt, bitch, please don’t get me wrong

In the comfort of my home, in the comfort of my thong

I like Dannon and Yoplait and Fage to boot

Activia tastes good but it REALLY MAKES ME TOOT

Those ones with cookie crumbs? HEAALLLS yeah bitch, I got ’em

I gots all those mother fuckers with the FRUIT on the BOTTOM

But when you’re on the subway, bitch you bet you betta toss it

This ain’t no LIRR on its way to Syosset

People here are crazy, drunk and on narcotics

And you’re just chillin’ there with your PRO-BI-OTICS

People coughin’ and sneezin’, they probably have SARS

Bitch, that’s just how we roll on the NQRs

Now I’m glad that you like yogurt, it aids in digestion

But when you ride the train, bitch, it’s just out of the question.


2 responses to “Bitch Eatin’ Yogurt on the Train

  1. kc putterman ⋅

    nice one! Now you have a new comment 🙂

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