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5 responses to “Jew Girl Rapper LOVES Her Serial Podcast

  1. barb ⋅

    OK, so now I know I’m really old, because I did not understand this at all, but Aly, I love watching you — you crack me up. But you gotta explain this serial thing.

  2. That was TOTALLY WICKED. Though I also have no idea what it means. Don’t care though. And yes, it’s Thursday.

    • Pennywhistler ⋅

      Which part of “serial podcast” went over your head

      • Um… I suppose the part that makes me insufficiently tuned into the internet echo chamber that makes transient fads seem like essential cultural knowledge. Thanks, though, I’m caught up now.

  3. Pennywhistler ⋅

    Really funny, if a bit superficial.

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