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Rosh Hashanah, Bitch

YO YO YO didn’t you remember?

It’s the Jewish new year at the end of September

Well, sometimes it’s later and sometimes it’s sooner

Ya never know, bitch, CUZ THIS CALENDAR IS LUNAR

(boom boom chick wikka wikka what waaat)

All the Jews in the land with all of their money

Will get their freak on with some apples and honey

And then get in their cars and shout to their chauffers

“Bitch, take me to shul, so I can listen to some shofers!”

(tekiah tekiah…gadolAH)

So tonight if you’re thinkin of doin the nasty

With a freaky Jewish girl with a good rhinoplasty

Don’t tell her you’ll call and then screw her ova

Just wish her yasher koach and a big l’shana tova

Happy new year.


2 responses to “Rosh Hashanah, Bitch

  1. Jeffrey Lynn ⋅

    That definitely put me in the mood to get my freak on for the Jewish Holidays. That was awesome! l’shana tova

  2. Shevarim truah! Mazel tov on your kick ass rap, no please post the youtube video or audio of you performing this bad boy!

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