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Fo Shore, Bitch.

Yo I am an artist which means I like ART

Things that are moving and poignant and smart

Ballets and operas are simply sublime

Bitch, I often weekEND at the FRICKIN’ GUGGENHEIM

When I listen to Mozart, I may shed a tear

Like I do when I hear these three words: CABS ARE HERE

Yes there’s one form of art I can’t help but adore

Thanks to a masterpiece that is called JERSEY SHORE

Yes nothing transforms me and takes me more places

Than seeing all eight of their drunk orangey faces

Ronny and Sam seem better this season

Vinny and Jwoww are voices of reason

The house works much better without Angelina

Though she may have a mustache, I am kinda likin’ Deena

Jionni gets mad when Snook’s drunk and fallin’

He just don’t understand that she’s simply MEAT BALLIN’

When they got back to Jersey, they had to go tanning

Pauly was paler than DAKOTA FRICKIN’ FANNING

They gym and they laundry and they get fresh as hell

That’s pure Jersey style, bitch, G.T.L.

Then they head out Karma, it’s bound to get rioty

Snooki gets punched and Vin gets anxiety

Pauly leaves early, cuz he wants to get laid

And he don’t realize he’s brought home a GRENADE

Mike picks up a chick and her palate’s kinda cleft

But he doesn’t mind cuz she’s DTF

Then he sends her away after smooshin’ the Sitch

She’s got a situation now it’s called CROTCH ITCH

And I sit and I watch without any shame

Though every episode’s kinda the same

They romp around Jersey, they’re treated like ballers

And we give them attention and millions of dollars

But there isn’t much art starring Shia LeBeouf

There are many more wonders inside Snooki’s poof

So when you’re lookin’ for something artistic and neato

Turn on MTV and check out a guido


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