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It’s the Marathon, Bitch.

Yo yo yo it’s the marathon, bitch, coming up First Ave

Have YOU ever run a marathon? You know it, bitch, I have

OMG I’m kidding, OH GUUURL, you must be crazy

I prefer my Sundays with a big-ass side of lazy

On Sundays I eat tons of brunch, retire to my bedding

And catch up with my DVR and Kim’s Fairytale Wedding

I thought I would go out to eat, and then I though, forget it

That’s why we have delivery, I don’t GOTSTA walk and get it

Now of course I’ll watch the runners, cheer them on as they are trotting

But let’s be real, I really go for some good celeb spotting

Last year the Today Show ran, Meredith and Al Roker

And Katie Holmes looked like she was ’bout to have a stroker

Apolo Anton Ohno will join this year’s running crew

Andy Baldwin from The Bachelor’s runnin’ 26.2

Richard Blais will run today with cute Ethan from Survivor

Christy Turlington will try, but they may have to revive her

AC Slater trained real hard, his abs could not look finer

He will run the race today with the Chilean miner

So if you are a runner, I’ll cheer you on like I’m supposedta

I’ll be watching with my coffee mug (it’s really a mimosa)


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